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Unlocking Chemistry: Secrets to GCSE Success

A transformative membership tailored exclusively for students aged 14-16. My programme equips your child with the essential knowledge and skills to shine in their GCSE chemistry journey. 

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When you join, your child will get instant access to:


Three core modules that provides your child with key essentials, real-world insights and exam-winning strategies that set them up for success.


Including all the worksheets and exam questions to help them apply knowledge.


Dedicated support to assist your child with any questions or help request that they may have.


A masterclass and live Q&A session every month.

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What your child will learn

Key Concepts

This module covers the topics of atoms, elements, compounds & mixtures, chemical equations and atomic structure.

It helps your child build a strong foundation of knowledge that they can use to tackle more complex concepts.

WHAT YOUr child will LEARN

Atoms, Elements, Compounds & Mixtures

Key definitions.

Chemical Reactions and Equations

How to write chemical equations.

Atomic Structure

How to work out the atomic structure of an atom.

Study Skills

This module covers the topics of organisation, revision strategies and exam techniques.

It helps your child begin to develop effective study skills and help them to become more efficient and effective learners.

WHAT YOUr child will LEARN


How to make notes and keep organised files.

Revision Strategies

Different methods to learn chemistry content.

Exam Techniques

How to use command words to maximise marks.

Real World

This topic covers the topics of chemistry in everyday life, environmental issues and career pathways in chemistry.

It will help your child apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios, motivating them to learn and maybe encourage them to pursue career opportunities in chemistry.

WHAT YOUr child will LEARN

Chemistry in Everyday Life

Apply earlier modules to the context of energy drinks, baking and medicine.

Environmental Issues in Chemistry

The chemistry behind global warming and plastic pollution.

Career Paths in Chemistry

The careers that use chemistry and get your child to consider their future.

Get instant access to

All of these resources




Exam Questions


Live Q&A

Submit a question

Ask for help


Why will this be different from what your child has already done?



If your child gets stuck at any point with the material they can ask for help but...


...not just content from within the portal any GCSE Chemistry question can be submitted. So if struggling with a homework question or still does not understand a concept from today's lesson, in school, your child can get support to help them move forward.


Your child can access the content in the core modules at any time and study at their own pace so...


...your child can choose the way they want to study. Your child may want to focus on revision strategies so can jump straight to Module 2. For the key concepts module your child may go straight to the quizzes to check knowledge and understanding before going through content.


Every month a new topic is covered in a masterclass with exam questions and...


...a live Q&A session on Zoom where you child can either ask questions live or submit questions that will be answered to help them build their understanding from the masterclass. A recording will be available to watch if unable to attend.

Your child is encouraged to complete lessons to unlock achievements.

This Membership is for Your CHild in…

At the start of your child’s GCSE course help them get a solid foundation in key concepts, develop effective study skills and consider their future. Support as they progress through the curriculum and get ahead by looking at future topics in the masterclasses.

As your child is getting ready for the summer exams and finishing the GCSE course it will allow them to recap key concepts and explore revision strategies. Support as they address weaknesses and improve on their responses to exam questions and revise topics through the masterclasses.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Who is the membership suitable for?

A: The membership is for GCSE students who are eager to enhance their chemistry exam performance. Whether your child is grappling with certain concepts, or striving for better scores. This programme equips your child with the essential knowledge needed to excel in GCSE Chemistry.

Q: Is this membership suitable for students of all ability levels?

A: Yes, my membership is designed to cater to a range of ability levels. Whether your child is looking to strengthen their foundation or aim for top grades, my resources and support are adaptable to their needs.

Q: Can my child get help with specific questions or concepts?

A: Absolutely! I offer monthly live Q&A sessions where your child can ask their questions directly. They can also submit help requests anytime they’re stuck on a concept or problem. My goal is to ensure your child has the support they need to succeed.

Q: What if my child is unable to attend the live Q&A sessions? When is the live Q&A?

A: No worries! If your child can’t attend a live Q&A session, they can submit their questions in advance. The session will be recorded, and they will have access to the recording to review at their convenience. The dates for the live Q&A will be displayed in the portal and will usually be the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.

Q: What exam board specifications is this for?

A: This programme is suitable for any GCSE or IGCSE course that your child is studying.

Q: Can I cancel my membership at any time?

A: Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. I offer flexible options that give you control over your subscription.

Q: How does my child access the core modules and masterclasses?

A: During the enrolment process, you will set up login details for your child to access my membership portal. Inside, your child will find the core modules, masterclasses, and other resources.

Q: Are the resources available for offline use?

A: No, my resources are available for online use within the membership portal only. Your child will need an internet connection to access the content.

Q: How long will my child have access to the resources?

A: My core content will remain available permanently and so your child will have access as long as you continue paying for the membership. The masterclasses are only available for the month that they are released in and so your child will lose access, but these are available for purchase or you can join the Chemistry Builder membership and your child will then have access to the whole masterclass library.


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